(meteorobs) Valera Meteorite

Dear Schoner or whoever is there:
    I was appalled by the writing of Duncan Steel about the Valera
and my name being descredited in the web !  This is preposterous !
    I did not profit from the sale, the story is absolutely true, I am
behind it,
and it took me 6 months to research the case, all the time unaware of
real value of the specimen.
   Please, send me the email addres of Duncan Steel, to clarify this
with him.  Also, some people in my place are complaning that I may have
broken a law or something like that, so I am beguinning to see trouble
around me.  Thus I would appreciate you take all this material out of
web or I may suffer further consecuences.  No problem with selling the
specimen in the web, but please remove any reference to my name, and
the place it was found, since this history is descrediting my
    Duncan should have checked with me before making such an
    Sincerely yours,

Dr. Ignacio Ferrin,
University of the Andes,
Center for Theoretical Astrophysics,

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