(meteorobs) Question about "best" Perseids observing site

A general question was forwarded to me: "Where's the best place 
... for watching Perseids?"  I want to ask this list how to balance 
two specific considerations:  altitude of the radiant versus 
beginning of morning twilight.  For example, Fargo, North Dakota, 
is about 20 degrees north of Brownsville, Texas, and so is better 
with respect to the altitude of the radiant.  However, morning 
twilight begins 80 minutes earlier in Fargo than it does in 
Brownsville.  Which would be the better location for observing

(Now I'll disclose that the question really was more specific: 
"What's the best place *in Texas* for watching Perseids?"  But I 
thought comparing Fargo and Brownsville might help me get a better 
grasp of comparing two sites with respect to effects of difference 
in latitude.  Within Texas the two to compare would be Dalhart and 
Brownsville.  Another pair to consider would be east versus west:  
Beaumont versus El Paso, roughly 10 degrees apart in longitude.) 
With respect to elevation above sea level and general climate, I'm 
pretty sure that Dalhart and El Paso -- both being dry places 
roughly 1200 meters [4000 feet] above sea level -- are preferred 
areas.  Thank you very much for any insights!

Ed Cannon - ecannon @ mail.utexas.edu - Austin, Texas, USA

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