(meteorobs) Re: Klez Virus Removal

Hope this helps!  I don't have the technical knowledge to be of much
assistance but the information at the F-Secure and Symantec (Norton
Antivirus) should help have you going in the right direction.

The following is an excerpt from http://antivirus.about.com

How can I remove Klez? Both F-Secure and Symantec have released free tools
to remove Klez variants from the system. You will first need to scan your
system with updated antivirus software to determine exactly which variant
you have, then use the appropriate tools to remove it.

F-Secure tool
Be sure to read the KLEZTOOL.TXT file included in the ZIP archive before
using the tool
Symantec Tool

(The "F-Secure tool" and the "Symantec Tool" mentioned above are
downloadable from the Antivirus.about.com site or you can go to the
following sites for the tools and technical information:)



Good luck!

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