Re: (meteorobs) pages of gobbledegook

>What were those five digest messages worth of gobbledegook I have just got
>from meteorobs digest sent by  webmaster <lmdtopeas5630@sina.com>, whoever
>that antisocial individual is.

They were actually NOT messages sent to 'meteorobs', Nick! Instead, there is a
brand of "stealth spamming" which is very common in the slimy underworld of
spamming... Basically, a computer program searches through many Web sites (such
as http:// www.meteorobs.org), and finds EVERY email address mentioned at those
Websites: it then sends email to every one of those addresses. Nefarious, eh?

In our case, unfortunately, the software which archives all our 'meteorobs'
posts (it's a free program called 'MHonarc') includes the DIRECT address used
to send mail to all 'meteorobs-digest' subscribers... So when one of these
spamming B*st*rds scours our Website, suddenly they can reach YOU directly.

Not too much I can do about this - other than to go into our archive and remove
all mention of this special "direct" email address. Since you mentioned this, I
will do that as soon as I can - possibly this weekend, *if* it's cloudy! :)

PLEASE NOTE: If you have any problems with our lists themselves, such as what
happened to Nick, please *do not email the entire list about it*!! The email
address to use to report any 'administrative' problems is always as follows:


Clear skies all, and apologies to our Digest readers for the inconvenience.
Lew Gramer

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