(meteorobs) Re: Eta Aquarids 2002 from Florida

I decided to try a short Eta Aquarid watch from the back yard 2002 May 4/5.
Sky LM wasn't too bad, 5.0.  Watching 440 - 530 AM EDT  (840 - 930 UT) I saw
only one Eta and no other meteors !  How dead can it get?  The conditions
should have allowed half a dozen Etas.  I skipped the last 20 minutes before
dawn.  View was 25% obstructed.  The Eta was an orange  +1m with 1-second
train.  But I saw 5 satellites in the same period.  Sounds like no one else
is seeing much to speak of either.  I would think Edmonton is at the
northern limit for seeing any Etas -- just seeing one would be an achievement.

Evenings have been clear enough to see the spectacular show of planets for a
week now.


Norman W. McLeod III
Staff Advisor
American Meteor Society

Fort Myers, Florida

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