(meteorobs) INTERNATIONAL METEOR CONFERENCE -- IMC2001, Newsletter No. 1

>Date: Thu, 22 Feb 2001 09:45:56 -0100

Cerkno, Slovenia, September 20-23, 2001
IMC2001 Newsletter, No. 1, February 22, 2001
Dear Friends,

Here are first informations about International Meteor
Conference 2001. As you probably know by now, it was
decided at the IMC2001 in Romania, that this years IMC
will be held in Slovenia.

International Meteor Conference 2001 will be held in a
small town called Cerkno in Slovenia. The conference
will take place in Hotel Cerkno, which is situated in
the centre of this small town. It starts on the 20th
September afternoon and ends on the 23th September
after lunch. It will be organised by the Astronomical
Association Javornik with the help of the Association
for Technical Culture of Slovenia.
Cerkno is small town with no more than 2000 citizens.
It is located about 60 km northwest of Ljubljana and
15 km north from Idrija. No direct trains drove to
this region and buses are rare to. We will provide a
shuttle service from Ljubljana railway station and
Brnik airport to a conference site.

If we want to make a program of conference very
interesting we need your contributions. So indicate on
your registration form your contribution (lectures,
posters, workshops, group sessions, etc) and the
equipment required for this purpose.
We hope that the lectures will cover a big variety of
meteor related topics, from visual observations to the
radio observations, covering different meteor streams
and work of different meteor groups from around the
Speakers will have at theirs disposal a computer,
digital-projector, video-projector, over-head
projector and dia-projector. The lectures will be held
in big lecture room, it has capacity for around 100
people. The workshops will be organised in smaller
room which have place for 30 to 40 people each in
which a computer will be instaled.

Hotel Cerkno has 180 beds of different types. Because
of that we can offer you two different price rags of
placement in the hotel. For the usually participation
fee of 200 DEM (102.26 EUR) you will be placed in the
second category rooms with 2 to 4 beds in a room (you
can see picture of the accommodation on the web page
mentioned on the end of this writing). The second
category includes toilet, shower cabin and a
For those who want to enjoy a bit more of luxury we
can offer a first class rooms with additional payment
of 45 DEM (all together 245 DEM or 125.27 EUR). Those
rooms have TV, hair dryer and mini-bar. If you want to
be placed in the first class rooms you must made an
extra request to the IMC2001 organisers and pay the
full fee to the deadline for registration.

 Please send your registration form (you can find it in
 WGN28-6, or on www.javornik-drustvo.si/IMC2001/ or
 www.imo.net ) as soon as possible to IMO Treasurer Ina
 Rentel and e-mail the organisers with the special
 The deadline for registration is 1st July 2001.
 If you will miss this date you will have to pay the
 additional 40 DEM for late registration, thus after
 1st July, the standard registration fee amounts to 240

 For more information on this conference, see the
 IMC2001 Web page on:
 or contact the organisers via e-mail:
 mtriglav@yahoo.com, jure.zakrajsek@kiss.uni-lj.si

Best wishes,
Mihaela Triglav

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