(meteorobs) Re: Was there a meteor chat on today please ?


The chat is scheduled to begin at 0100 Universal Time February 27. Not
knowing exactly what Australian time zone you live in I cannot tell you
the corresponding local time.

I look forward to meeting you in the chat room someday!

Clear Skies!

Robert Lunsford

Mitch & Brigitte Humphries Laurel Park Dairying wrote:
> Hello everyone on meteorobs
> Would just like to ask please, if there was a meteor chat today ?
> I have logged onto the chat session 3 times now but unfortunately have been
> the only one there.
> Would be very interested in being able to determine whether or not there is
> a fault with me being able to log on to the meteorobs chat.
> Any comments / suggestions  would be very greatly appreciated !
> Thanks once again for  all your time and help !
> With very best regards ' Down Under ' !
> Brigitte
> Millaa Millaa ( the cloud capital of Australia ! )
> Queensland
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