(meteorobs) Late February, 2001 meteor observations from Maryland, USA

Hi Everyone,
   Although observing conditions were marginal in the Washington, DC metro 
area I observed on the mornings (UT) of February 20 and 24.
   Despite a cumulative three hour observing time, there were no Delta 
Leonids(DLE) or Virginids(VIR) seen. My total was 5 meteors, all of which 
were plotted on  Atlas Brno maps.  The map plots allowed me to discover that 
one of the sporadics, was actually a Northern Apex meteor.  The N. Apex 
meteors were described by Robert Lunsford in his last weekly meteor notice.  
The low activity on both mornings gave me the time to listen to some noisy 
geese which were spending the nights in a pond nearby.
   Both sessions were observed from Newburg, Maryland, USA: Long= 76 deg, 55 
min W., Lat= 38 deg, 25 min N:  IMO site # 25124
   Both sessions' sky conditions were "Class 5, suburban skies" on Bortle's 
rating scale.  Details are below.

Feb 20,2001  5:58-7:25 UT  Teff=1.40  F=1.00  Lm=5.3  Field Center= RA: 11H, 
Dec= +15 deg,
   0 DLE
   0 VIR
   2 SPO (+4 and 0 magnitudes)

Feb 24,2001  7:11-8:49 UT  Teff=1.60  F=1.00  Lm= 5.0  Field Ctr= RA: 12H, 
Dec= +15 deg
   0 DLE
   0 VIR
   2 SPO (+3 and 0 mag)
   1 N. Apex (+4 mag)

Best wishes,

Richard Taibi
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