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At 14:36 24-02-2001 , you wrote:

>Hello all,
>I have been meaning to ask this for quite a while now. when you are posting
>a viewing report,
>could you please let us know where you are? you don't need to tell your
>exact address, but i, for one, would like to know what part of the world
>you're in.


Casper ter Kuile,
Dutch Meteor Society,
Photography and Video,
Akker 145,
NL 3732 XD, De Bilt
The Netherlands.
5d11m E, 52d07m N.

Best wishes,


Casper ter Kuile, Dutch Meteor Society (DMS)
Akker 145, NL-3732 XD, De Bilt, The Netherlands
Tel. +(31)-30-2203170, Fax. +(31)-30-2202695, XOIP: 0208699068
GSM-BEN: +(31)-6-24242445, GSM-KPN: +(31)-6-20247982
E-mail_1: casper.ter.kuile@wanadoo.nl
E-mail_2: casper.ter.kuile@dmsweb.org
E-mail_3: webmaster@dmsweb.org
DMS website: http://www.dmsweb.org
Mirrorsite: http://home.wanadoo.nl/dms

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