(meteorobs) Meteor Activity Outlook for February 9-15, 2001

This week is dominated by the bright moon which was full on Thursday
February 8. Not until late in this period does the moon rise late
allowing early evening observers access to dark skies. Unfortunately at
this time of night meteor rates are very low and one may see only 1-2
meteors per hour. This list below includes the active radiants for this
period. The positions listed below are exact for Saturday night/Sunday 
morning February 10/11. The positions do not change greatly day to day
so these positions may be used during this entire period. Next week will
be much more favorable as the waning crescent moon becomes less of a
nuisance. The detailed descriptions of each radiant will continue then.

Delta Velids  08:40 (130)  -51
Alpha Hydrids  10:12 (153) -19
Antihelion  10:24 (156) +09. 
Omicron Centaurids 11:36 (174) -55. 
Theta Centaurids 13:48 (207) -40. 
Alpha Centaurids 14:16 (214) -60. 
Northern Apex  15:24 (231) -03. 
Southern Apex  15:24 (231) -33. 

Clear Skies!
Robert Lunsford
AMS Visual Program Coordinator
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