(meteorobs) [Fwd: [IMO-News] Re: Where are the faint Leonids?]

Esko.Lyytinen@MINEDU.FI wrote:
> Sirko and others,
> Assuming, that the spread of particles along the trail, that is the original
> delta a ( from that of comet), is determined by (solar radiation
> pressure)/mass, rather than by speed of escape, then the cutoff at the faint
> side is expected. In my modelling this assumption follows from the cometary
> modell applied. At the faint side, the cutoff may be even more pronounced
> than at the bright side, since flattened and/or elongated and/or clustered
> particles can broduce brigther than typical meteors. (The very rare and very
> bright fireballs and moon flashes need another explanation, maybe something
> like nongravitational A2 parameter in the same meaning as comets have.)
> Actually even before the storm, I considered possible ways to map here the
> faint end (without a light intensifier). The weather forecasts here Finland
> and also reality were so poor, that this didn't realize. I was still
> fortunate to see some meteors trough small clearings of clouds, the best
> such happening close to maximum.
> It would be interesting, to study differences at the faint side along the
> strom. This applies especially around 01:40 or 01:45 where meteors from two
> rev. trail could be present, assumed to be somewhat dimmer (as in the main
> peak) on average, because of bigger original delta a. Even in this location,
> the 2 rev. meteors are the majority, so this effect may be too small to
> detect.
> Esko Lyytinen
> esko.lyytinen@minedu.fi
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