Re: (meteorobs) Leonids - Mag estimation from non-intensified video stream

Hi yK,

>      Is there a way to estimate magnitude of Leonids as captured by
> non-intensified video stream. Is the normal  practice of using the
> background star as reference work.  Which part of the meteor do you take as
> reference - the terminal burst ( if there is one)? 

I usually measure the meteor brightness in each frame and then take the
maximum value, which not necessary has to be a terminal flare. The
measurements are calibrated using known reference stars in the fov.

> As my ccd had enhanced
> IR-sensitivity and was wondering whether this will give error biased
> estimation ( compare with naked eye).  

That could be, but the error should be not too large if you choose
reference stars of different spectral classes.

> What do you do with  very bright
> terminal flash which appear to me over-saturate the ccd.

Estimate the brightness! :-)
I don't see a good way of measuring brightnesses of saturated meteors. 
In such a case MetRec strongly underestimates the brightness, for

Cheers, Sirko

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