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Another exciting LEO report from colleagues in the Middle East!

Lew Gramer

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hi every one,

i am pleased to inform you of the jordanian campaign for the
leonids this year.

the campaign started with a conference for two days starting from
13-14 with the participation of many famous scientists and amateur
astronomers  such as david asher, robert mcnaught, george dittie,
danial fischer, and dr. paul koenrad, renne esser and     from
holland, dr.          from singapore. and from usa.

a trip to petra was made on  15/11/99 and on 16/11, all
participants left to the jordanian astronomical society permanent
camp at al azraq area to observe the leonids.

after setting the equipment for the night 16/17, every one was
ready for the leonids, but 16-17 night did not show any specific

on 17/18, every one was hoping to see every some activity, after
sunset, we could see some activity, but it until 23.00 ut, where
there was an increase in activity of the leonids. but the number
of meteors were limited to around 15 - 20 meteor/ hour.

on 00.00 ut, the leonids started falling from the sky, at an
observed rate of 20 - 30 meteors / minute. the numbers of meteors
was increasing minute by minute, until a peak around 2.02 ut where
meteors were falling like snow. at the peak time, there was one
meteor/ hour observed rate. we could not follow the numbers of
meteors since they were falling in all directions. meteors
continued falling at a high rate but declining slowly, were it
persisted at around 40 meteors / minute for a bout 20 minutes
depending on my observations alone.

on 2.35 ut dawn was apparent, but meteors were still falling at a
high rate. observation stopped at 02.55 ut.

full report  is at jas web site : www.jas.org.jo .

my full report for the imo will be sent today.
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