(meteorobs) Photos from Anza-Borrego Desert

I was at Anza-Borrego Desert (SW USA, Southern California) for 16/17 &
17/18, doing meteor patrol photography.

I have some initial results at:


I did continuous 15 min exposures, from moonset to dawn (I still need to
label the times of most of the frames).  I was pretty disappointed in
not getting "extreme" fireballs ("flashers" w/lingering trains).  I had
a dedicated camera/lens on a tripod, to photograph such lingering
trains.  Never used it.

At 15 min intervals, I "toured" the 4 tracking-mounts & tripods: ending
exposures, & re-starting them.  This took almost 3 minutes.  Then,  I
sat down, looked up, & did visual observation.


It is just a log of meteors that caught my attention.  Many of the
meteors I saw did not record on film.  (As has been widely reported,
most were not exceptionally bright).  However, the rich visual
experience compensated for the disappointing film results.  (the reverse
was true last year).
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