(meteorobs) Leonids Report From Malta


First of all I would like to congratulate all those who were lucky enough 
to send their Leonids reports  !

Unfortunately , here in Malta it was overcast and rainy all night and 
although we stayed up all night hoping that it clears out , this dream did 
not materialize .

Two observing groups were stationed on the extreme north and the extreme 
south of the island keeping in contact with each other by radio, but the 
only use of this was that the team from the north managed to warn the south 
of more showers (RAIN) .

The north group managed to get a glimpse of the activity , 5 meteors 
through the thick clouds ..but that could hardly be called consolation !

The Southern group managed to watch one single meteor through the same 

We were very unlucky after the clear skies that we had the days before and 
the day after (and this following night!!!)

Martin Galea De Giovanni

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