orbits of Leonid meteoroids (Re: (meteorobs) 1999 Leonid storm; WOW!!!!)

Hi all,
>We have operated a multi-station photographic and video network this
>night, with a second station (stations equiped with automated camera
>platforms with 25 photo-cameras at each site, as well as image-intensified
>video at each site) some 80 km North of us. We expect to have obtained a
>large number (>200?) of high accuracy orbits of Leonid meteoroids.

Is there a way I can find a method for deducing orbits from simultaneous
observations ? Or a software.
A lot of observers from France have seen a -12 fireball and they are looking
for such formulas or tools.
I will be glad to forward them any help.

Jean-Christophe 'Papou' Millot
22d17mS, 166d28mE

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