(meteorobs) Report on Ham Radio and Visual Meteor Shower

Our group had so much fun and learned so much
from the Leonids Meteor effort that we decided to
share our story.  I have posted a page at:


that describes out efforts.  It is a work in progress since
some of the photos and video are still coming in.  We hope
others might share their stories.

There are a number of images on this page so expect a
good download.

For non-hams there was an experiment to bounce radio packets
of information (call letters, location,) off of the Meteor scatter.
Software called WinAPRS visually plotted the received stations
on a map of the US.  Your transmitter would send out a burst every
10 seconds and wait for a reply or reply to another station.

Appreciate any comments or stories.


Jeff Kelly, KT2K

Al Tencza, NX2Q

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