(meteorobs) meteor recording stuff

Hi, list:

 I tried a couple of new gizmos for recording meteors during the Leonids,
and recommend them to anyone recording data on paper.

One is the Radio Shack Talking Alarm Clock (catalog number 63-915).  Instead
of seeing a meteor, putting my red flashlight in my mouth, looking at my
watch, and recording the data, I can now just slap a button and get the time
without taking my eyes off the sky.  Really handy!  There is a key chain
version, too, but the one I have is larger, with a much bigger trigger
button that is easy to find without looking.  It runs on a couple of AA
batteries.  I don't remember who first brought up talking clocks weeks ago
on meteorobs, but whoever it was, I thank you!

The other item is the "Flip Lite Jr." that I found in the local Barnes and
Noble bookstore.  It's sold with night lights for books.  The bulb is in a
movable arm -- move the arm up and the light comes on, move it down and it
goes off.  I attach it to my clipboard with the clip that comes with it.  It
runs on 4 AA batteries, and provides plenty of light for recording meteor
data even with a deep red filter taped onto it.  Barnes and Noble also has
other, similar lights, and replacement lamps.  I think it cost about $10 US.

Now I can get the time and turn on my light while still watching the sky,
and slightly reduce the dead time for recording data.

Dave Hostetter

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