RE: (meteorobs) Re: high rates from Jordan

At 10:21 AM 1999-11-19 -0500, you wrote:
>In southern Ontario, Stoney Creek (a few miles east of Hamilton) the object
>appeared to the south.
>It travelled across the southern horizon from west to east.
>I seems to me that it must have come across the Great Lakes from the NW and
>down across Lake Erie, to the SW and fried over New York State.
>The SL-16 is a good candidate... is the SL-16 missing now ?
>My next SL-16 sighting for my location is quite a few days away... so i
>can't check yet.

Well, that certainly sounds plausible. If there were any unvaporized
remains, I wonder how much further they could have flown before hitting the
ground or ocean?? I don't have any info on the SL-16 other than the one
posting that the German guy made, during which he said he'd done
calculations which indicated the thing should have come down right about
the time this thing showed up.

With this info of the object being SOUTH of southern Ontario and NORTH of
Cincinnati, someone should now be able to calculate how high it was when it
was burning up, I'd think. And with an idea of the height, perhaps some
idea of the velocity could be had, which was obviously VERY slow to be
within sight for tens of seconds. Then perhaps an endpoint location can be

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