RE: (meteorobs) Re: high rates from Jordan

At 05:56 PM 1999-11-18 -0500, you wrote:
>I thought the descriptions sounded like a satellite reentry as well, but 
>iwth the satellite guys saying there was nothing expected, I must assume 
>that this could have been a VERY slow fireball (asteroidal) event. Hope you 
>did well last night

But, what about that SL-16 booster stage that the German fellow came up
with?? Would the "satellite guys" necessarily have known about that kind of

A short portion of a Cincinnati video was shown on the local channel 4
Boston station yesterday evening and it certainly did look like a reentry
to me, although the video was only 5 or 10 seconds long.

What direction did those in Canada facing when they saw the thing: to their
south? From the US, it was apparently to our north. On the video, it looked
to me like maybe 25 or 30 degrees above the horizon.

Shrewsbury MA
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