(meteorobs) Louisiana Leonids

Hi, all:

I'm just getting home after observing this morning.  I thought the Leonids
as seen from here in South Louisiana were a little less than I expected, but
after reading some other people's experiences, I think we did pretty well!
In a nutshell, I observed from 1 to 5 AM CST (7 to 11 hours UT) with an
estimated limiting magnitude of about 6.0 and a teff of probably 3.5 hours.
I saw 66 Leonids (about 18 per hour) plus 19 sporadics.  Some of both
reached fireball brightness.

The two highlights were a -4 sporadic that appeared to burst three times,
changing colors as it did -- there were distinct reds, oranges, and blues.
A spectacular -6 Leonid left a train near the Pleiades for over 3 minutes,
which slowly appeared to rotate counterclockwise a little more than 90
degrees as it faded.

Mark, I'll send you a more complete report later.

Dave Hostetter

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