(meteorobs) Clouded out!

Hi all,
	were we unlucky or what! The week started off cold, dry and clear,
allowing a watch on Nov 15/16. I was quite suprised at the level of
Leonid activity, already reaching a ZHR of 15-20 early on Tuesday
morning. Things weren't looking good for Wednesday, as a rain belt was
due to cross the British Isles only very slowly. Tuesday night was
clouded out, despite the forecasts of clear skies. As for yesterday, it
rained all day in Ireland, and it only cleared here in the Dublin area
just after dawn! Good to see others saw storm levels of activity though.
Must have been quite a sight! Ah well, no luck with either the 1998 or
1999 Leonids, rained out for both - I really hate the Irish weather!

All the best,
		Brian O'Halloran
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