(meteorobs) Re: NWM1999Nov17/18 Leonids good at end

A preliminary count off my written pages 126 - 526 AM EST  (626 - 1026 UT)
all sky LM7.4 gives Leonid rates 17,16,33,52.  In the 2 hours preceding
those rates I saw only 5 Leonids.  Brightest was an orange  -6m behind me
with train 30 seconds.  It lit my clipboard and the ground as I was facing
east.  No dead time for recording as I was using paper folded in four
vertical sections and writing by feel alone.   A dead slow start to the
night and an active finish.  The last was my best useable hour since the
Geminids of 1996.  All the clouds that came across during the day and early
evening had dissipated.

Norman W. McLeod III
Staff Advisor
American Meteor Society

Fort Myers, Florida

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