(meteorobs) LEONIDS Report - Northern UK, 04.00 Nov 18

Hi, me again...

Well, I wrote the night off too soon! As I was closing down my computer after 
writing my previous posting, just after 2.00am, I decided to take One Last 
Look out the window, "just in case", as you do... and saw the Pointers of The 
Plough breaking thru the cloud. Then a streak of light below them...!

Ah ha... :-)

Back on with the jacket(s) and gloves, grab the bag full of cameras and gear, 
and out into the night again... back behind the Scout Centre where I had my 
memorable encounter with the Hounds of the Baskervilles last night... and cue 

The sky was clear, on and off, for the next two hours, and in that time I saw 
almost 100 Leonids. Some very bright - but none I'd class as fireballs - but 
most mag 1 or 2. Very few persistent trains. Colours? Predominantly white and 
ice blue, quite appropriate for the sub zero conditions. 

When I'd found myself actually sleeping on my feet I realised it was time to 
go home, and it was misting over again anyway, so I repacked my bag and 
headed back out of the shadows and into the lights - only to see a Police car 
gliding towards me. So, there I was, wrapped up in so many layers and hoods 
and sleeves I looked like a cross between a Jawa and the Grim Reaper, 
emerging from the shadows of a public building carrying a sports bag. Just a 
**little** suspicious! But luckily for me the woman police officer inside the 
car knew there was a meteor shower on, and recognised me from the photos 
which have accompanied my pieces in the local paper, and she accepted my 
explanation, adding that she'd even seen a few herself. In fact, she gave me 
a lift home in her police car, so I returned from my meteor watching in 
style! :-)

So, not a complete disaster after all. Good luck, and happy hunting, wherever 
*you* are!


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