Re: (meteorobs) Fantastic Fireball -- 7PM Indiana Time -- Nov. 16 th

In a message dated 11/16/99 10:26:44 PM US Eastern Standard Time, 
bruce_musson@dofasco.ca writes:

<< from west to east
 (can't be a Leonid ) !
 What direction was your sighting ? >>

I agree that the radio report I heard was inaccurate to tie this to the 
beginning of the Leonids.  My sighting was West to East also, and I know Leo 
is in the East.  It was so bright that at first we thought it was a small 
plane burning up, but it had more of the qualities of a fireball.  Another 
post suggested it might have been a satellite reentry and not a meteor.  That 
makes sense, because a satellite would burn up in a similar fashion, I would 
think.  It clearly broke up in the air also, very visible in the distance.  I 
hope we get to know for sure what it was.  Nice to think it was a very 
powerful sporadic.

S. Hicks
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