(meteorobs) RE: Fireballs over Southern Ontario ?

I'm just the messenger...
This is the description from my brother, his two children, and some other
They were standing outside, at 19:10 today, Nov.16/99 EST  and saw 5
fireballs (simultaneously) travel across the southern sky.
His position was west of Hamilton, Ontario and south of Lake Ontario at
about 43.22 lattitude and -79.75 longitude.
What they saw were 5 fireballs (1 large with 4 small behind it) that looked
like flaming balls and sparks trailing. They travelled west to east from a
position of just below Mars in the sky, to just below Jupiter.
Probably no more than 15 degrees above the horizon. 
Curiously they did not spread out, nor dissipate, and were still 'flaming'
as they finally disappeared from sight, and even more curious...they seemed
to take about 20 seconds (yes I know... rather long) to traverse the
southern sky and he described them as looking just like the intro to the
Bruce Willis movie... and were somewhat frightened. They looked close enough
to hit something, but didn't.
I asked for colours, like blue or green, and he said it looked like 5
objects on fire, and that was the colour... with sparks like fireworks
behind each fireball... and in a straight line.
The sun set here at about 16:50  .
Any other sightings ??
Bruce - Ancaster, Ontario.

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