Re: (meteorobs) leonidslive.com LEO rates

At 11:58 PM 1999-11-16 +0100, Jure wrote:
>47 meteors/hr this early? Either Asher and McNaught missed something
>or this is not the visual rate! 

I couldn't find the claimed data summary link on the page; has anyone else??

Shrewsbury MA

P.S. Radio meteor rates this morning between 1230-1250Z seemed about
normal, although the characteristics of the meteors seemed to be very
different from the last few weeks. Instead of a number of
moderate-strength, tenths-of-a-second radio pings, some pings were super
strong and the remainder were super weak, barely detectable at 144 MHz.
Duration of most pings also seemed much shorter than usual, on the order of
milliseconds rather than hundreds of milliseconds.
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