Re: (meteorobs) Linearids observed!

Even if this meteor truly originated from or close to the predicted radiant of the Linearids, I think that given the number of sporadic meteors, it is reasonable to think that this meteoroid was a sporadic that at the time of atmospheric entry orbited the Sun in an orbit very similar to that of C/1999 J3 LINEAR. It's just that one meteor does not make a meteor shower. That's why you need at least three or four meteors out of a radiant to be certain enough to say that there might be something unusual going on. 
But don't get me wrong. I'm not saying that you are a bad observer or that you cannot distinguish sporadics from members of a certain shower. Most of 'veteran' members of meteorobs know what such criticism brings - certainly it doesn't encourage current and future observers. 
It may turn out that this was indeed a Linearid, but we will require many more observations from other observers and perhaps even more important - video observations. Showers with very low ZHR are tricky...
Anyway, the Linearids are over and there probably won't be much talk about them for the next 63,000 years. 

Clear skies and good luck with Leonids!!

Jure A.
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