Re: (meteorobs) Hot drinks on cold nights

Subject:        	(meteorobs) Hot drinks on cold nights

Hi Kim XY!!
> few all-nighters.  Can anyone else comment, because if it's OK to drink
> hot cocoa, I definately want  hot cocoa!

Though I am not an expert, I can tell you that if you drink beverages 
that contain sugar (coffee, hot chocolate, even tea), then you are 
having your internal body working overtime doing the yo-yo thing.  
Because you have introduced sugar to your body, your system now 
has to increase its insulin level to accomodate and level out your 
body, the sugar rush wears off, then your body plumetes. You 
continue this all night, and by morning you are exhausted. 

If you want to drink hot liquids try them without sugar (earl grey tea, is my favorite). 
You can have caffine, however, there are studies that the increased 
caffine level is just as bad, but I drink caffenated tea. Try chicken 
soup (keeps you warm, plus you can fight off colds), but watch the 
salt intake, it will make you more thirsty.  Also, I know its boring, but 
warm or room temp water is good for you, keeps you hydrated.

If you must have hot chocolate, go for the lite stuff, less sugar is 

I know it sounds like dieting advise, but it is a natural thing your body 
does all the time, so if you try to keep your blood sugar at a steady 
level (no peaking or roller coaster ride), then you feel better and 
function better.

Kim XX

Moonlight Cascade Observatory/BBS
NAMN/IMO-Meteor Observing

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