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Date: Tue, 09 Nov 1999 19:43:57 +0300
From: Mohammad Odeh <odeh@jas.org.jo>
Organization: Jordanian Astronomical Society (JAS)
To: IMO-news <imo-news@imo.net>
Subject: [IMO-News] Leonids '99 From Jordan


 The Arab Union for Astronomy & Space Sciences, the Institute of
Astronomy & Space Sciences, and the Jordanian Astronomical Society, will
organize the 1999 Jordanian Leonid Meteors Conference on the period
12-21 November 1999.

 Kindly visit our Leonids '99  page to know the details of this
conference, as well as the expectations of some well-known scientists.
Also, u will find several links to other related sites.  Have a look at
that page, and we appreciate ur comments.


Clear Skies !!
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Mohammad Shawkat Odeh.
Jordanian Astronomical Society (JAS).
Member of JAS Administrative Board.
P.O. Box 925916 Amman 11110 Jordan.
Fax:  (001)(707) 221-0918.
http://Beam.to/odeh      (Personal URL)
http://www.jas.org.jo/   (JAS URL)

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