(meteorobs) "Leonids Lockdown" for 'meteorobs' [PLEASE READ]

To All 'meteorobs' Subscribers:

Starting later this week, we will be preparing the 'meteorobs' email list for an
expected blizzard of Leonids-related email traffic - and for the unavailability
of several of our List Admnistrators. Last year during the peak days of the
Leonids, the 'meteorobs' list handled over 2000 messages without failure: we are
on a new host this year, and may or may NOT handle such volumes again...

I believe 'meteorobs' is an important resource for the world meteor community,
especially during Major Shower peaks, and particularly for outburst-prone
showers such as the Leonids. As such, it needs management during this period.

Thus, although answering questions about meteors is ONE of our most important
functions, I must request that all basic questions such as "When can I see the
Leonids?" be kept OFF 'meteorobs' for the entire week of 14-20 November...

These questions are readily answered by simply reviewing one of a number of Web
sites and written documents available from the North American Meteor Network,
American Meteor Society, International Meteor Organization, our own 'meteorobs'
Web Archive, or many other regional meteor groups. (See below!)

In addition, we will unfortunately have to adopt a policy of immediate removal
for "problem" email addresses: this means that if your mailbox fills up during
the week of 14 Nov, we may remove you at the very first "bounced" list message.

This removal is completely temporary and not punitive in any way: once you are
back and have cleared your mailbox (or fixed any problem with your personal
email account), you can immediately resubscribe yourself to the list.

THANKS TO EVERYONE for your assistance during this exciting time!

Clear skies and many meteors to all for this year's Leonids,

Lew Gramer <owner-meteorobs@jovian.com>



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