(meteorobs) Linearid Point Meteor

I may have seen my first Linearid this morning, an orange near point 
meteor with a little red. It showed near the expected radiant but a 
little closer to the star that forms the base of the handle of the Big 
Dipper, a +2 or so magnitude but very short duration. I did not check 
the time but it was near 05:00 local time. I got out at 4:30 after a 
break in heavy clouds from a front that moved through the area that 
obscured clear skies earlyer this night that ruined plans for a 03:30 
start. Limiting magnitude high, about +3.5 due to after front thin 

I thought I may have seen a single flash from a satelite but the 
nearness to the radiant and binocular search for satelite turned up 
nothing and not other flashes noted. So it looks like the Linearids 
may have started.

                                    Dave English
                                    Oceanside, California

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