Re: (meteorobs) Meteor Collisions

I highly recommend reading Rain of Iron and Ice by John S. Lewis.
Lewis compiles a long list of man vs meteor encounters, some of which are 
comical, some of which are tragic. No where does he mention the odds of a 
plane in flight being struck, but there are many instances of people being 
hurt or killed cited in chapter 13 of this book.

I am a big fan of John Lewis, ( I have no vested interest in this plug), and 
anyone interested in things that are "up there" should pick up his books as 
soon as possible.
I bet many others on the list here have read Lewis as well.

-William Chellis

<<First:  What is the possibility that an airplane would be struck by a
meteor?  Right off bat I told him that that would be infinitesimal  in
light of the fact that I think that only one person has been known to
have been struck by a meteor and that was a grazing blow.  Is that
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