Re: (meteorobs) Leoind accounts (meteor yell)

..just printed out "Falling Stars and Mosquitoes: Leonids '98 Florida".
Thanks Lew. I've gotten some great quotes from a number of adventurers
with the Leonids.

.....my (our? my wife and I?) meteor yell tends toward...." Woah. Woah.
WOOOAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!" All that meteor yelling should probably be figured
into those ZHR conversions.......

--- Lew Gramer <dedalus@latrade.com> wrote:
> >> when my son let out that unmistakable "meteor
> yell".
> >
> > boy am I familiar with the "meteor yell".
> and the sound
> I emitted was somewhat closer to a "Meteor
> Clear skies,
> Lew Gramer

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