Re: (meteorobs) Re: Leonid annual and outburst components

I agree Bob! I certainly will look forward to meeting you and the IMO 
crew in Europe, and yes, it will be worthwhile getting together no 
matter what. Another factor is that I simply don't want to stay in 
Ontario for Leonids. The weather in November is often very poor here! 
As for the Leonids rates, even the predicted 1200/hr rates from Rob 
McNaught is something that would never disappoint me! However, I will 
prepare for the trip without bearing in mind any ZHR numbers! We just 
never know... The Leonids are famous for proving the predictions 
wrong sometimes.


Bob Lunsford wrote:

>This has been an interesting discussion as rates are important to me. I
>am planning to travel to Europe to view the Leonids this year. I have
>felt all along that 99 would be the big year and that the travel
>expenses would be justified. Now with new information it appears
>possible that strong Leonid displays could continue through 2002 and
>than 1999 may be less than extraordinary. Now there is a thought in my
>mind that I could be wasting my time and money by traveling? If I were
>traveling to a land where I had no local personal contacts then I just
>might have pulled the plug and tried for another year. The fact is that
>I will be meeting (some for the first time) some of my IMO comrades and
>that is more than enough for me to continue with this venture.
>As Marco stated we won't really know until after the fact so lets all
>hope for clear weather and skies full of Leonid meteors no matter where
>you are situated!
>Bob Lunsford

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