(meteorobs) AUR Obs. on Aug 31, 1999.

Hi All,

I have just finished the observation of AUR.
But I don't see the especially activity during obsevation.

Clear skies.  Takema,

AUR Observation in 1999

Observation Period:
  August 31 - September 1, 1999.

Observation site:
  A : Hachioji ,Tokyo, Japan      139d22m , +35d38m

Observers (E-mail) :
  Takema Hashimoto : HASTA  (thashi@din.or.jp)

  Very clear sky under the moon light.  But I covered a moon with my hand.

Observation method:
  Visual , Plotting

Observational Data:
  Date       UT     Time Total Spor. AUR Lm Cl Dir Obs. Site
  31/01 17:15-18:30  75     9    8    1  4.8 0 Per HASTA A

Time : Observed time interval
Total: Total number of meteors
Spor.: Number of Sporadic meteors
Lm   : Limiting magnitude of field stars
CL   : Cloud cover
Dir  : Observation direction(Z:Zenith)

thashi@din.or.jp  Hashimoto, Takema
Minor Meteor Shower Circular(MMSC)
URL : http://www.din.or.jp/~thashi/index_E.htm
Nippon Meteor Society (NMS)
Association of Meteor Observers in and around Tokyo Area (AMOTA)

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