Re: (meteorobs) A tekite?

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>On Sun, 29 Aug 1999, Luis Gonzalez wrote:
>>I was reading and a chapter described about tikites and it said about black
>>galss. Well, when i lived in Orangvale [close to Folsom] i found what looked
>>like glass but it was a purpulish black but i didn't know what it is. And
>>now i read this book since 5 years ago so thats a long time but i didn't
>>have that rock then. Please give me any Info of what to do.
>Ahh, here's a chance for me to use what I actually get paid for
>(archaeology) instead of what I do for fun (astronomy).  I assume by
>Folsom, you mean New Mexico?  Just going on your description, I would
>guess that what you have is a piece of obsidian, volcanic glass.  Any way
>you can scan a picture of your rck and put it on the web?  Anyone else
>have any theories?
>Dan Marcel
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Luis, you are referring to tektites.  They are essentially the same thing
as obsidian but differ in minor details.  Tektites have what appear to be
flight markings and many assume they are the result of sand (siliceous
material) having been heated to fusion through the mechanics of large
impacts.  We don't know for certain what the origin of the tektite is but
free of water whereas obsidian is not.

It would be rare to find a tektite in California, though not impossible.
There are three major tektite strewnfields.  The largest is the
Australasian.  The second is the North American strewnfield, and then the
Ivory Coast strewnfield.  These fields are well defined in extent and
California is not part of the North American group.  Luis, if you want to
contact me personally please feel free to do so - this subject is
"slightly" off-topic for the Meteorobs list.

J. Richard Jacobs <jacobs@infolink.net.mx>

Dan, I believe Luis may have been referring to Folsom, CA.


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