Re: (meteorobs) A tekite?

On Sun, 29 Aug 1999, Luis Gonzalez wrote:

>I was reading and a chapter described about tikites and it said about black
>galss. Well, when i lived in Orangvale [close to Folsom] i found what looked
>like glass but it was a purpulish black but i didn't know what it is. And
>now i read this book since 5 years ago so thats a long time but i didn't
>have that rock then. Please give me any Info of what to do.

Ahh, here's a chance for me to use what I actually get paid for
(archaeology) instead of what I do for fun (astronomy).  I assume by
Folsom, you mean New Mexico?  Just going on your description, I would
guess that what you have is a piece of obsidian, volcanic glass.  Any way
you can scan a picture of your rck and put it on the web?  Anyone else
have any theories?

Dan Marcel

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