RE:(meteorobs) MIR and pings?

At 13:59 27/08/99 -0400, you wrote:

>It think the MIR re-entry would make a great forward scatter target if it
>was in reception range. I think I heard that it would enter the atmosphere
>over the Pacific? 

I have just been watching the news on TV here in the UK. They have
just done an extended item on the crew leaving MIR this evening.
The script writers are not always correct, but for what it is worth :--

In it they said that the intended 'target' zone ( is that the right
word ? drop zone maybe ! ) is the Indian Ocean sometime in Feb next year.
A new computer has been installed to control it with no crew onboard so
that in Feb a Progress can be docked with it to give it a final powered
'push' at the chosen moment.
That is the theory ! Any more mishaps with it, and nobody there to repair
it, could mean bits of up to 10 ton falling anywhere :-(
Mandatory meteor ref :-) >>
Nice artificial meteorite that would be.


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