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This one is a repeat, but I thought it worthwhile to see our own
Mike Zolensky's work highlighted by the NASA Press Office!

Lew Gramer

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CCNet, 27 August 1999

    Ron Baalke <baalke@ssd.jpl.nasa.gov>




>From Ron Baalke <baalke@ssd.jpl.nasa.gov>

Water of the Stars
By Greg Clark
space.com Staff Writer
Aug 26 1999 13:12:39 ET
A pair of scorched rocks that fell from space onto a west Texas town=20
last year may have delivered a bonanza to planetary scientists that=20
could turn out to be the most significant discovery in years: purple=20
extraterrestrial salt and miniature bottles of primordial water.
A team of scientists led by Michael Zolensky, a mineralogist at NASA's=20
Johnson Space Center, thinks it has found several minute samples of=20
water sealed inside the salt crystals in the Monahans meteorite. The=20
minute droplets of salty brine, which would have traveled through the=20
solar system for millions of years as tiny ice crystals, could reveal=20
the details of early solar-system chemistry. They may also tell=20
scientists how and where water formed, whether it was in the early days =
of the solar system, or farther away and back in time somewhere in=20
interstellar space.
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