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 I was wondering, IF and when MIR ( Got choked up today when I heard the 
news about it) burns in the atmosphere would our radio meteor equiptment
detect any type of pings or is it that MIR would not be a good reflector
to deflect radio/TV station signals?



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It think the MIR re-entry would make a great forward scatter target if it
was in reception range. I think I heard that it would enter the atmosphere
over the Pacific? 

From Santa Fe, New Mexico I captured five or six space shuttle re-entries
as it entered over the west coast of North America and passed through my
forward scatter region on its way to landing in Florida. The shuttle makes
a smooth fireball and trail.  I would suspect the MIR to make a huge debris
trail composed of a lot of various matter that would make a dense smoke
trail. That smoke trail would be very reflective and might hang in the sky
a long time if conditions are right.

I would think that some chunks of MIR might make it to the earth's surface
as well but haven't heard this talked about as yet.

Tom Ashcraft

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