Re: Leonid cloud observed in 1998 (Re (meteorobs): Perseid & Leonid clouds)

A comment on this one: This result was presented also at the EGS 1998 in
Den Haag by Peter. He brought the measurements with him. Unfortunately the
graphs were not extremely convincing. There were a few small bumps in the
plotted background magnitude, one of them conincided with the expected
place of the glow. I think it would be very exciting if more people tried
to image this. If there are several independant observations of the glow,
only then we have good reason to assume that it is really visible.

We will try to record it during our Leonid campaign, using a Photometrics
CCD camera with a wide-angle lens. Accurate calibration (dark current and
flat field correction) is in my opinion necessary to record the small bump
in the background sky, also choose a site with really dark sky. I would
also think that taking several images during different times and then
looking at the difference helps.

Bye, Detlef.

At 11:44 AM 8/21/99 +0000, you wrote:
>Hi all,
>An interresting fact; the mentioned 'Leonid cloud' has been "observed"
>recently during the 1998 Leonids. During the April DMS 20th anniversary
>meeting, Peter Jenniskens (NASA/Ames) lectured on the 1998 MACSIT results
>and told us that a Japanese team had detected the glow with high tech
>equipment -either CCD or intensified video if I remember correctly.
>The glow was too faint to detect visually, or for that mather directly in the
>Japanese imagery; but they made a detailed cross scan of their pictures
>and graphically represented the sky background brightness over the
>picture. This showed that there indeed was a somewhat brighter background
>in a part of the picture corresponding to the theoretical position of the
>'meteoroid cloud'. Thus, it appears the 'meteoroid glow' was indeed
>detected last year. A good incentive to try next Leonids!
>Since I all have to recall this from memory, I do not have any further
>exact details, nor where they (plan to) publish it - perhaps Peter can
>provide these?
>- Marco Langbroek (Dutch Meteor Society)
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