Re: (meteorobs) Re: Some Perseid photos

At 03:27 PM 8/21/99 +1000, Robert H. McNaught wrote:
>Having looked at the image
>I'm pretty sure it is not a meteor but an aircraft.

I have to say that I disagree with the aircraft identification:

1.  The red trail would be consistent with an aircraft travelling right to
left, displaying the proper red navigation light on the left wingtip, but
there are no other visible lights, such as the mandated (in the US, and
most other countries) red or white flashing anti-collision lights.  These
show on time exposures as a series of dots in the case of strobe lights, or
dashes in the case of rotating type lights.

2.  If the brighter portion of the trail is an aircraft's landing light, it
would certainly pass from view as the aircraft came abeam the camera, and
then presented its left rear quarter to the camera.  Why does the trail
disappear there?  We should be able to see once again the red left wingtip
light, and an aft white position light.

Not that I have any other bright ideas of my own you understand!  I just
don't think it's an aircraft.

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