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From: "David Swain" <dswain@freeuk.com>
To: <meteorobs@jovian.com>
Subject: August 10th/11th Obervations
Date: Wed, 11 Aug 1999 09:25:35 +0100

Greetings List Members

Last night I finally got out to do some more observing, the first time since
last Thursday, it's been pretty bad with cloud and rain for the last five
days, it only cleared off after sunset last night with the forcast of more
clouds before morning so I took the opportunity to observe early. Possibly
this was a mistake but still I tried.

The weather, although clear was cold and the atmosphere was very, very wet
with a heavy dew, everything I was using was soaked at the end of the watch.
Also the artificial light pollution which is always present but not normally
a bother was a real problem, hence the appalling limiting magnitude.

Anyway here a my meager results from last night in BAA format for those who
are interested.

Date:  10th /11th August 1999        Observer(s):      David M. Swain
Observing Site:   51o  42'  12" N       1o 56' 20" W       Height 110 metres
Correspondence Address:   Dormans, Preston, Cirencester, Glos, GL7 5PR
Observing Conditions:  No clouds, Very Heavy Dew, Light Pollution Stellar
Lim. Mag.: +5.1
Watch Times: Start.     21:30UT    End:        23:35UT      Duration: 1h 34m
Code No. Time U.T. Magnitude Shower Constellation(s)In which seen Train
Details   Notes
1               21:34             +4            SPO                    Cyg
2               21:38               0             PER            And, Lac,
Cyg                  2s Train          White
3               21:51             +4            SPO                Lac, And
4               22:21              -1            PER             Cep, Cyg,
Lyr                  2s Train   Greenish, White
5               22:24             +3            SPO                    Peg
6               22:40             +1            SPO                 Cyg, Dra
7               22:47             +1            PER                     Cas
8               22:52             +3            SPO                 Cas, Cep
9               22:57              -3            PER               Cep, Cyg,
 Lyr                 25s Train       White
10             23:05             +2            SPO                     Cyg
11             23:13             +3            SPO                     Peg
12             23:19             +3            PER                  Per, Cas
13             23:22             +4            SPO                 And, Cas

Excuse the bad formatting I will improve on it as time goes by but it gives
an idean of the format that my obervations are reported in to the BAA Meteor
Section. Last night probably due to the bad sky conditions the meteors came
such that I could plot all of them so the constellation path descriptions
should be quite accurate, or at least as accurate as my plotting :-)

It's very cloudy here again today so I don't know what chance there is of
seeing the eclipse it's just a case of wait and see I suppose.

Cheers and clear skies to all


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