(meteorobs) FW:Subject: Did anyone else see this object?

From: Dan Marcel <wolf@utkux.utcc.utk.edu>

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Hi all!

Quick note on me:  Just subscribed to the list and am finding the
discussions fascinating!  Hope to do a more scientific observation of the
Leonids come November, however, in brief, I observed on the peak night
(Aug 12/13) from about 01:10 - 06:10 Eastern, and saw a total of 42
Leonids and 7 other/sporadics.  Limiting magnitude around my house is real
bad, I'd guesstimate around 4-5.  I'm in Knoxville, TN BTW.

However, the most interesting thing I saw came on Saturday morning (8/14),
at somewhere between 03:40 and 04:00.  I was lying on my back, facing
striaght up with my toes pointed WSW, when an object appeared at the limit
of my peripheral vision to the ESE, moving very fast to the WNW, covering
the entire arc of sky visible to me in 2-3 seconds.  It was about as wide
as my (rather average) thumb held at arms length, and appeared to be
composed of two distinct parts.  Did anyone else in the southeast US (or
anywhere for that matter) see this thing?

Thanks for reading!


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