(meteorobs) Re: R Value for the Perseids


The r value for the Perseids is 2.6

A list of r values for other showers is available from the IMO web site
at: http://www.imo.net (see the 1999 Meteor Shower Calendar).
Unfortunately this site seems to be down at the moment :(

To those who are not familiar with the "r" value, it is an estimate of
the ratio of the number of meteors in subsequent magnitude classes. For
the Perseids, if there are 10 first magnitude meteors then there will be
26 second magnitude meteors, 68 third magnitude meteors, and so on.
Unfortunately not all of these will appear near the center of your field
of view so a certain percentage will be missed. This percentage grows
for fainter meteors until none are visible at all, even at the center of
ones view.

Bob Lunsford


Louis wrote:
> Can anyone please give me the "r" value for the persieds ands is there
> a chart on the internet somehwere with this info for all showers?
> Louis Binder, Fort Bend Astronomy Club
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