Re: (meteorobs) RE: persieds form singapore and somthing else!

At 02:45 PM 1999-08-16 -0700, Luis Gonzalez wrote:
>    all the people of  Meteorobs,   Please don't digital sign it it does
>hazard to my  computer and e-mail SO PLEASE DON'T SIGN E-MAIL!  THIS IS A
>HAZARD WARNING!      LUIS GONZALEZ emcomputer@hotmail.com     *If any
>problems with this notice please e-mail me  at emig88@hotmail.com          
>                                        Notice:                            
>       Read After Read Message!       

Luis, the same applies to your own use of html in an e-mail to a reflector.
Once in a while, the strange font coding causes a reader's computer to
remain in that font. If you must use a Microsoft product for e-mail, please
ensure it is set to ordinary text, not html.

Every few months, this stuff has to be restated....

TNX, SteveH
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