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Hi Folks!

I am curious about the relationship between the brightness of a meteor and
the mass of the meteoroid that causes it.  I sure would appreciate it if
someone would point me in the direction of some information on this.  I
remember years ago plotting a graph for Lincoln LaPaz, as a student
research assistant, of some representation of this relation but I don't
remember the formula or have any idea what he was basing that particular
relation on.  I sort-of remember that it was based on some of his work that
suggested that a -4 (?) mag meteor was caused by a 4cm3 (?) particle
(Nickel-Iron?) that would just barely survive the entry ablation.  ie
anything larger would produce a meteorite.  Of course there were all sorts
of assumptions and conditions on velocity, etc, etc, which I don't recall.
What is the latest (anything in the last 40 years or so) info on this sort
of thing?  Sure would appreciate an update on this!!

Many Thanks and

Clear Skys to y'all!!

Jim Wray  

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