Re: (meteorobs) Perseids, 12/13, S. Carolina

Mark, you should have come up to the Columbia area, we had a great night. We
also got started at about 12:30, and in 2 hours we saw about 40.  We were
about 30 miles SW of Columbia, we still had a bright horizon toward
Columbia, but the rest of the sky was dark. This was our first attempt at
counting and all, so we didn't get a LM or try to figure out where they were
coming from or anything. Hopefully next time we're out we'll try to figure
out an LM.

Michelle Wier
(observing with Angie & Beverly)

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Date: Friday, August 13, 1999 8:18 AM
Subject: (meteorobs) Perseids, 12/13, S. Carolina

>I arrived at my observing site at 12:28 am to find the exact same
>I encountered the previous morning. F was 1.00 but the LM was around 3.5
>with all the haze. This morning I stayed at the beach location as it was
>breezy which I hoped would improve the conditions. It never did. In 5 hours
>of watching and waiting, I logged 7 meteors...all Perseids.
>Mark Davis
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