(meteorobs) Aug 12/13 Perseids, Ottawa, ON

Just coming back in from a fairly successful night of Perseids 
observing at Casselman. Clear skies were present for the entire 
evening, but gradually clouded over later at night. Early evening 
with radiant still low offered several brightly colored meteors, 
including a few beautiful earthgrazers. As the radiant rose higher, 
rates seemed to drop somehow, and pick up slowly again. Then, most 
Perseids were rather quite faint until the end. The "normal" peak was 
not at all apparent despite magnitude 6.4 skies. A few long lulls 
discouraged other people on site expecting to see a show. My initial 
impression is lower than usual rates. This year's Perseids were not 
at all close to the excellent display of 1997. Tape will be decoded 
soon, when I get some rest.

Did the "new" sharp peak appear over Europe at all this year?

Ottawa, ON
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